L U M E – Domino

This video comes with DOMINO, the new single by Lume, a project by Franz Valente (Teatro degli Orrori), Anna Carazzai (Love In Elevator) and Andrea Abbrescia. Last year the band released the eponymous debut album (Blinde Proteus, 2014) that inspired this piece. The clip is a brainchild by eeviac and Lume; eeviac has directed, filmed and edited it. The protagonists of the video are Tommaso Mantelli and Anna Carazzai. This is how Lume describe the clip: “Domino tells about an addiction to a person, comparing certain human relationships to a drug history. When we are bound to someone who makes us feel very bad, everyday we repeat ourselves that things will improve, that everything will be different. Then, at a certain point, something or someone collapses under the weight of suffering, unless you have the strength to take the situation in hand. This in ‘Domino’ does not happen: so, after the arrival of a luminescent woman who represents the ability to change, we find ourselves point and ahead the day after.” This is the second video of Lume taken from their debut album. A hard chiaroscuro, which builds track after track a game of contrasts between light and shade, in an atmosphere based on mantric guitar riffs and magical atmospheres. All is supported by sudden changes of dynamic and enchanting melodies.


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Assistant director and makeup: Silvia Karamazov

Location: Ca’ Rudere (thanks to Tommaso Mantelli and Alessia Finazzi for the hospitality and collaboration)


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